Advertising & Sponsorships

IMEA is now offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities!

With website ads, your association gives industry members the valuable opportunity to connect with your Company! 

Right Audience 
Reach all Indiana Municipals and surrounding area public power industries 

Right Message

Connect with IMEA members through media-site marketing

Right Time

Engage a 60/40 editorial-to-advertising ratio ensures your ad gets noticed.

________________ 96.5%______________ 98%______________

of readers have taken readers are involved in of readers rate the quality of
action as result of an ad. selecting suppliers and content as good, very good
Most common action is purchasing products. or excellent.
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					              1X	   3X          6X	         12X	

	Exclusive Ad 575 X 375px		$250	$600	 $1,200	    $2,400

          All ad rates are offered per consecutive months provided.

	Submission Instructions	Format and Additional Information

	Email to and 	File Format: jpeg; size should not exceed 100k
include URL link and email